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Outstanding market knowledge & prompt market timing.

Daniel, Thank you so so much… your dedication, your professionalism and extraordinary expertise is beyond appreciated… you truly made the entire process a dream… so much gratitude

Heidi White Horner

I’ve never rented before now, and was a little worried to at first, since you always hear bad things about renting and real estates. But I’ve been renting a place with Blaq Real estate now for about 5 months and everything has gone super smoothly and well so far! Whenever there’s been a problem, my agent has been super clear and good with communicating to me about how and when the issue will be fixed.


Without a doubt the most professional agency in Wollongong. The team at Blaq Real Estate are genuine, trustworthy, and incredibly skilled agents. Wouldn’t do business with anyone else.  Brandan and the team do a amazing job managing their property’s and being also on the tenant end too.

Without a doubt the best agent in NSW.

Brianna Vormister